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Welcome Sarah Watterson

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Event Date

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022


8:00 am - Registration
8:30 am - Breakfast, Music, Vendor Booths Open
9:30 am - Walk Begins

Event Location

Oregon Trail Park

1100 S Robinson St
OLATHE, KS 66061

Location Type: park


Special Instructions from the Event Staff

Check back here regularly where we will provide you with important updates about the event. If your Team Captain has any special instructions, you’ll find those below.

Special Updates

American Stroke Foundation will put important information here as needed.

Welcome to "Step By Step" page.

We are thrilled to have you join us in recognizing and honoring loved ones affected by stroke. Your support and fundraising efforts provide therapeutic programs and services for stroke survivors, caregivers, and the community. "Step By Step" would love to have you walk with us. We appreciate all the support we can get! Together make a difference!

Team Information

Team Captain: Sarah Watterson EDIT

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In Honor of: EDIT

Special Instructions from
Sarah Watterson

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A Special Message From "Step By Step"

This cause is very dear to us and we would love and appreciate any team members or donations.


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Team Members

Sarah Watterson (captain)

Kris Watterson

Randall Christenson

Team Donors

Randall Christenson

Kevin Hunn